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[ August 29, 2023 by Rob Kurver 0 Comments ]

Unmissable: The CPaaSAA Members Dinner at CASA23 — Where Industry Titans Connect

We all know that CASA23 isn’t just about listening to expert panels and eyeing the latest tech advancements in the CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) arena. It’s equally about the relationships we form, the collaborations we foster, and the memories we make. That’s why we at the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA) are thrilled to host an exclusive Members Dinner at the Hotel de Goudfazant in Amsterdam during the CASA23 CPaaS fest. If you’re part of the CPaaSAA, consider this your engraved invitation to a not-to-be-missed evening.

The Venue: A Feast for the Eyes, a Banquet for the Mind

Nestled by the water, Hotel de Goudfazant offers an atmospheric experience akin to the innovative and fluid nature of the CPaaS industry itself. The venue resonates with our vision of interconnectedness; it’s a space where you can feel at ease as you strike up those game-changing conversations. And the best part? It’s easily accessible by ferry or Uber. Talk about a seamless experience!

Who’s In the Room? (Hint: People You Want to Know)

With a cap of 80 attendees, we’re intentionally keeping it intimate. The dinner will bring together a curated mix of CPaaS platform and service providers, enablers, tech vendors, sales partners, advisors, industry experts, and media. It’s the ideal setting to broach those transformational partnerships and strategies that’ll catapult the industry from $16 billion to a projected $100 billion+ by 2030.

Great Food, Even Greater Conversations

The culinary offerings are set to be as diverse and innovative as the minds in attendance. Engage in conversations that are as stimulating as the gastronomic fare, replete with mouthwatering courses that promise to delight your taste buds as much as your intellect.

RSVP: Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Here’s the catch: Seats are limited and you have to register separately for this event – and of course be a CPaaSAA Member. This isn’t just another dinner; it’s an investment in your strategic network and future success within the CPaaS ecosystem. As much as we’d love to accommodate everyone, we can’t. So don’t find yourself scrolling through FOMO-inducing updates on the ‘Gram. Secure your spot before it’s gone.

The CPaaSAA Members Dinner at CASA23 is more than just a meal; it’s an invaluable networking nexus, a think-tank of like-minded individuals committed to accelerating the growth and adoption of communications platforms. It’s where best practices are born and strategic partnerships are forged. So mark the date, get ready to raise a toast to innovation, and let’s celebrate the driving forces that make CPaaS not just a service, but a revolution.

See you there!