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[ August 23, 2023 by Rob Kurver 0 Comments ]

CPaaS Club: The First Rule Is You Don’t Talk About CPaaS

Welcome to CPaaS Club, the underground movement transforming the way we communicate. Just like Tyler Durden, I’ve got rules for this club. But the first rule of CPaaS Club? Don’t talk about CPaaS. Why? Because no one cares about acronyms. They care about solving problems, and that’s what we’re here for.

Rule #1: Don’t Talk About CPaaS

Look, CPaaS—Communication Platforms as a Service for those still clinging to jargon—powers the messages you get from your bank, the video calls you make to your team, and the chats you have with customer service. But when you’re pitching to clients, forget about the term. Talk about how you can revolutionize their customer engagement or scale their operations seamlessly.

Rule #2: Solve Real Problems

Before you think about platforms, APIs, or any of that jazz, think about the customer’s pain points. Are they struggling with employee communication? Can’t handle customer queries efficiently? Solve these issues, and you’ve won half the battle.

Rule #3: Show, Don’t Tell

Would Tyler Durden tell you how great Fight Club is? Nah, he’d let you experience it. Give your customers a demo, a trial, something tangible. Let them feel the thrill of streamlined communication like a well-placed right hook.

Rule #4: Focus on the End User

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the companies you’re selling to; it’s about their customers. Delight the end user, and you’ll have raving fans, not just customers.

Rule #5: Make It Scalable

Imagine Fight Club on a global scale. Your CPaaS solution should be the same. Make sure that it can grow along with the business, from a scrappy startup to a multinational conglomerate.

Rule #6: Stick Together

Just like Fight Club brought together a community, CPaaS Club is about collaboration. We’re all in this to grow, adapt, and break from the constraints of outdated communication methods.

So, if you’re still thinking of leading with “CPaaS” in your pitch, don’t. Instead, be the Tyler Durden of communication solutions: disruptive, innovative, and focused on the experience rather than the label. And remember, the first rule of CPaaS Club is—you guessed it—don’t talk about CPaaS.

Welcome to the club. Now let’s break some rules and transform communication as we know it.

The Fight Continues at CASA23

Ready to step out of the basement and into the big league? Join us at CASA23, happening this September 18-20 in Amsterdam. It’s the place to meet fellow rebels, visionaries, and disruptors from the CPaaS Club.

Think of it as Fight Club, but for communication solutions. Break out sessions, insider strategies, best practices, and yes, maybe a few surprises that even Tyler Durden would appreciate. Come for the tech, stay for the revolutionary ideas that will take the CPaaS industry from $16 billion to over $100 billion by 2030.

So, if you’re ready to break the first rule and actually talk about CPaaS—by focusing on real-world solutions, of course—then gear up and meet us in Amsterdam.

Welcome to the next level of the CPaaS Club. See you at CASA23!

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