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[ September 6, 2023 by Rob Kurver 0 Comments ]

CPaaS on the Canals: Elevate Your CASA23 Experience with a VIP Voyage

Mark your calendars! On Monday evening, September 18th, we’re taking the conversations from the CASA23 event to the serene waterways of Amsterdam. We’re excited to announce an exclusive canal tour aboard the “Dame van Amstel,” specially curated for our esteemed speakers, sponsors, and select VIPs. Here’s why you should be thrilled:

Where Silicon Meets Canals

Imagine drifting through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, not just in any boat, but aboard the luxurious “Dame van Amstel.” But this is more than just a boat ride—it’s a floating think-tank. Network with the brightest minds in CPaaS as you glide past Amsterdam’s historic architecture. The canal tour is designed to give the CASA23 experience an intimate, yet impactful touch.

An Evening of Brilliance—Agenda and Highlights

Spend 2.5 unforgettable hours immersed in inspiring conversations and breathtaking sights. With artisan cocktails in hand, you’ll be networking with like-minded innovators and influencers who are redefining the CPaaS industry. The cruise sets the stage for dialogue that could shape the strategies and partnerships driving our industry toward that $100B+ future.

Get Ready to Board—Details and Logistics

Departure will be promptly at 7:00 PM, giving you plenty of time to wrap up day one of CASA23 and get ready for an adventure. Attire? Think smart casual. We’re all about fostering an environment that’s both stylish and comfortable, just like the CPaaS solutions we advocate for.

This canal cruise is by invite-only, reflecting the exclusivity of the experience we aim to deliver. However, if you believe you bring something unique to the table and should be on that boat, don’t hesitate to email

See you on the “Dame van Amstel”! 🚢🌟